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Handiman tractors!


1931 Handiman

Serial SR8076

Made by the Walsh Tractor Co

Battery or magneto ingition

Cost new $169.75 with magneto $188.00

2.5hp engine, 26"wheels

1932 Handiman

Serial SR32***

Made by the Walsh Tractor Co

battery or magneto ingition

cost new $159.50 with magneto $175.00

simular tractor as 1931 except 8 spoke wheels and gas tank is parallel to axle

1933 Model A Bradley Handiman

Type # 50209

Engine Briggs and Strattion

26"wheels standerd, 32" for $4.25 more

Cost new $105.75

Wt.. 360 lbs

1933 Model Heavy Duty Bradley Handiman

Type #

Engine Briggs and Strattion

32" wheels

Cost new $167.50

Wt.. 465 lbs

1934 Handiman

Model "X", 3hp Briggs K engine, 32" wheels, Cost new $205.00, Wt.. 485 lbs, Type # 60351

Model "B", 2hp Briggs B engine, 26" wheels, Cost new $142.50, Wt.. 375 lbs Type# 60375


1935 Handiman

Type # 60500

Model A35 1hp Briggs &Strattion Engine (Looks like 1933 Handiman)26" wheels

Model B35 2Hp Briggs & Strattion Engine model B,26" steel(standerd) or 30"x7.5" pneumatic tires (Extra)

Model C35 (shown with culivator & sulky) 3hp Briggs Engine, 32" steel wheels, 30"x7.5 pneumatic tires (Extra)

1936-37 Handiman

Type # 60754

Model Z36(4hp), C36(3hp), B36(2hp) Briggs & Strattion Z,K,B engines

36"steel wheels on model Z36 &C36, 26"steel on model B36

First Handiman to offer reverse

1938-1941 Handiman 917.5032

Type # 20407

Model Z38(4hp), C38(3hp), B38(2hp) Briggs & Strattion Z,K,B engines

Tires avalible in steel and pneumatic

2 forward gears 1 reverse

1938-1940 Handiman Jr.


1/2 hp Briggs and Strattion engine

24"steel wheels

220 lbs

Cost new $81.50

1941 Handiman Jr.


1/2 hp briggs and strattion model I engine

4.00x18 pneumatic tires

238 lbs

Cost new $94.50

1942 Handiman All-Purpose Tractor


1 Hp Briggs and Stratton model U engine

6.00 x16 pneumatic tires (steel availible)


pipe handle bars

1939-1941 Handiman RT

1939 Type 917.5151 no fins in front of hood, flat belt pully

1940 Type 917.5154 came with and without fins in hood, flat belt pully

917.5155 - 1941 (shown) fins on front of hood, dual V belt pully.

All had model Z briggs engine, 6.00x22 tires

  Tractors shown owned by Rick Yantz



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